A New Community Centre Comes to SE Oakville


What gives a community its roots? Local schools, elementary and secondary, definitely play an important role. One could also argue that a community centre can add to that all-important sense of community. This is particularly true if residents are engaged in the programming offered, and if both families and groups use the facilities for activities. South-east Oakville has not had a community centre. But one is coming!

Many years ago, when it was apparent that the hospital was going to be moving, local residents' associations banded together to lobby for a community centre to be built on the what was going to be newly-empty land. Years of meetings, workshops, planning discussions have taken place, hundreds of hours spent by community leader volunteers such as Janet Haslett-Theall and Dani Morawetz, but finally things are starting to come together.

We have Town Council's approval in principal. We have agreement on the facilities to be offered. We even have dates. Now we just need to decide how it all will fit on the land.

June 1 at 7pm at Town Hall, staff are hosting a workshop to review and discuss the "Land Use Design Options". The public is invited, nay encouraged, to participate in the discussion. We too want you to attend if you can. This is an important new facility in the town. We have been waiting for this for a long time. Come tonight and be ready to discuss how many homes should be built, how much green space/parkland should there be, and where on the site should the new community centre be built.

Note that decisions have already been made about the size of the pool (25metres, to replace Centennial Pool), whether it will have a single or a double gym (double). The discussion on June 1 is about the site itself. See the 3 options above that have been provided as reference points. For full details, go to the Town's own website linked here New SE Community Centre.

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