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The flower bulb series continues! This time we are looking at where and what Nancy, our master gardener, likes to buy when it comes to flower bulbs for her garden here in Oakville Ontario.

Where to Buy

Veseys Seeds Bulbs Gardening

The definite favourite. Can be ordered across North America. Main facility is located in York, Prince Edward Island, the original home of the founder - Arthur Vesey. They also have a great selection of fruits, berries and vegetables.


Another Canadian brand, getting bulbs directly from Holland. Once you make your reservations of what items you want, the bulb experts harvest the products directly from the fields and greenhouses in Holland.

Flower Bulbs R Us

Comes highly recommended by friends. This smaller family-owned Canadian distributor has a beautiful variety of colours in all the classic flowering bulbs.

What to Buy

  1.  Daffodils - Nancy’s absolute favourite, mainly because they aren’t eaten or dug up by critters. Their bright, joyful colour is also great after a grey, drab winter season.
  2. Anemone Blanda - Great low-lying flower, magical colour. Top choice in Nancy’s mind, however the bulbs and early growth are often so small they get accidentally dug up in the garden during maintenance. So definitely have to be very careful, marking where it has been planted by memory.
  3. Allium Giganteum, Purple Sensation - To begin with, the purple is such a great colour against the greens and whites of most perennial shrubs. The plant is also very vertical, the strong tall stem adds great height and depth to the garden.
  4. Snowdrops, Galanthus - Simple and elegant, another low-lying flower. Spreads quickly and can be great as a ground cover. Of course white also goes with everything else already in your garden.

Looking for more information on bulbs? Keep up with the Bulb Blogs. Nancy Robertson, partner at Robertson Kadwell, is our resident gardener and landscape expert. Over the Spring we will provide you with all her tips and tricks when it comes to planting bulbs in your garden. Bulbs not your thing? Let us know what else you would like to learn about to maintain and expand your gardens.

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