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As discussed previously, with all this time to ourselves at home, there are many new hobbies and old home chores that are being undertaken to keep us busy. With spring in the air, one of those chores that have come up in conversation quite a bit is that of tidying up in the garden. Where to start? What to do? Well!

Nancy had the great pleasure of hosting a webinar hosted by the Halton Environmental Network earlier this week, on April 28. Although gardening has taken a back seat to real estate for the last decade, there is still a love for digging in the dirt that lives on in Nancy's heart. With a background as a UBC Master Gardener and former landscape designer, Nancy’s passion for gardens and plants is built on knowledge, experience and award-winning landscape design.

Check out the video above to see Nancy’s webinar. It includes a brief introduction to the Halton Environmental Network and the Oakville Ready initiative, a short video on Nancy’s top tips & tricks in her own garden, followed by a 45 minute question and answer period.

Already cleaned up the garden of dead leaves and pruned away the dried up flowers? Some other things we like to do include:

  • Clear up the edges: edging may be time consuming but is well worth the added effort. Much like colouring outside the lines - which don't look so great - edged gardens provide protection from the spreading of certain unhelpful plant material (grass and weeds), as well as defining the landscape in your yard.
  • Canadian winters can be difficult for your, what was perfectly green, grass as it re-awakens in the spring. Most helpful thing to do when prepping your grass for the warmer temperatures? Rake away the dead material, adding a mix of topsoil and seed to empty spaces, and spread a light application of fertilizer. Be sure to water the grass seed in.
  • Last and most definitely not least is getting the patio furniture out and cleaned off. Time to enjoy your morning coffee on the patio, or maybe happy hour cocktail anyone?

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