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Continuing the conversation of being inside and spending more time in your home, we are definitely thinking a lot more about the design of the spaces we live in.

As we all know real estate is expensive, so it's important to use every square inch of the house as it all has value. That open corner at the top of your staircase could be an ideal reading nook, or that formal dining room might make for a productive home office. Looking to change things up? With many renovations under their belt the Robertson Kadwell team has some tips and tricks to share from their experience.

The grandiose parlour rooms and sitting rooms no longer provide the warmth and function that the modern family is looking for. A great interview with designer Andrew Jones in the Globe and Mail, outlines the importance of combining the beauty of objects and architecture with that of comfort. In his own renovated Toronto Victorian home, he integrates found statement pieces from his travels and vintage stores, with high quality functional furniture. “My goal as a designer is to be as quiet as possible… Design is not a human endeavour, it has to be about people, never more so than right now,” says Andrew Jones.

Having grown up the oldest of 7 children, Nancy also knows the importance of functionality and comfort needed in a busy home. With that, one must be able to combine performance with simplistic elegance to make for modern living.

The design bible for homes and interiors that is often found on the coffee table in the Robertson home, is that of Sarah Susanka’s “Creating the Not So Big House”. Susanka is known for her innovative tricks to help you make the most of your space. “[Susanka] shows how to downsize the dream house without diminishing the dream”. Highly recommend. The series focuses on inventive layouts, quality pieces and creative functional spaces.

If you are unable to alter the layout of your home, we have learned that the furniture, lighting, new paint and housewares you choose can also make a big difference. See below for some of Robertson Kadwell top tips.

I love neutral walls as this allows art, furniture, personal trinkets and flowers to take centre stage in a home.” – Nancy Robertson

Casual family functional spaces like pantries, above grade laundry and mudrooms are becoming features of a home and are as important to some as principal spaces.” – Andrew Kadwell

Light, light, light. Consider task lighting (in a kitchen for instance), and light for ambiance. Every room needs both. Overhead LED pot lights with lamps for instance.” – Nancy Robertson

Consider finish types when choosing materials for any renovation. Lean towards Matte and Satin finishes for flooring and tiles and pair similarly with hardware. Leave behind chrome, and consider polished nickel or bronze.” – Andrew Kadwell

Never forget about landscaping. It adds to curb appeal, extends your living space and can always bring a smile to your face. It takes time for trees to grow and for perennials and shrubs to fill out the space so do this early so you can enjoy it.” – Nancy Robertson

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