Journal of a Realtor in Covid


As with everyone, we are struggling to find routine to our days. Zoom meetings and webinars fill part of the time. It was taking 20 minutes to get everyone 'on' the meeting, but as the weeks have progressed, people are adept now with the system, even mastering changing the background to hide untidy offices / bedrooms. Universities are holding exams via Zoom, asking students to be online by video (to thwart cheating?)

These are interesting times. It may mean that companies will learn to accept work-from-home solutions. A change like this could well allow parents more flexibility, and will certainly increase the importance of a home office in any home search. Could this improve the status of women in the workplace? Let's hope.

We are still doing a little bit of business but nothing like we would normally do at this time of year. Our 'equipment' for showings now includes face masks, gloves, Lysol wipes and Purell. No hugging. (This is tough for Nancy.)

Historically, Spring is the most important time of the year in the real estate industry. Moving is tied to the school calendar most of the time. Companies will still have employees needing to move for their jobs. Downsizers who missed the 2016 -2017 peak have waited through 2+ years of a soft Sellers' market. 2020 was going to be their year to move, and mentally they are ready to hit the switch.

There will be real estate transactions in 2020. While it has been very quiet during these weeks of Emergency Measures, we do feel that when things begin to ease, the market will begin to show signs of activity.

Hang in there everyone. We are safe at home, not stuck at home.

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