The Robertson Family’s Holiday Tradition


We have been talking about favourite holiday traditions around our office this past week. This Robertson tradition goes back to when Nancy was living at home and Dad was still working at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (he was CEO).

Beginning when Nancy was in Grade 6 and we had just moved to Cambridge, Dad would bundle all of the Robertson children up (there were eventually 7 of us) right after Christmas Breakfast to take us to "his" hospital. We were there to wish the staff who had to work a Merry Christmas. We walked every floor, and every department, from the labs to the cafeteria to the nurses stations on the floors. We wished everyone who was working a Merry Christmas. I have no idea where Dad got the idea. Certainly it gave my Mum the opportunity to get the turkey in the oven.

There was lots of complaining, trust me. We did this until my Father retired. He was at the hospital for 27 years. Over the years, many of the Robertson children had summer jobs at the hospital so we knew our way around as well. We even knew many of the staff. Certainly, the staff came to know us as well. As we got older, we started to sing Christmas Carols to give us 'purpose' and we walked the hallways where the patients were. I remember these tours very fondly now.

At the time I had mixed feelings about the whole thing but I did it because it was important to my Dad. One thing I know - my Dad cared for that hospital - for the staff and for the patients who had to be there at Christmas. He was a good man. And this was a very special holiday tradition.

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